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Common Front Teeth Problems and Their Solutions

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When you smile, people see mostly your front teeth, so they're an important part of your self-image. If one or more of your front teeth are broken, crooked, discolored, or deformed, then chances are that other people will notice.

Fortunately, a variety of procedures are available to improve and completely restore the look of your front teeth. What's best for you depends on the type of problem you have and your personal preferences. Here are some common front tooth problems and the repairs that may work best for them.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are usually very noticeable when they're in the front of the mouth. Here are three ways to combat this problem.

Partial or Temporary Denture

These dentures are usually easy to fit in where you are missing a tooth, and they are designed to match the color and shape of your other teeth. The drawback is that metal clips may be visible on the partial denture. Also, while the temporary denture is easy to install, it can also come out just as easily.


Implants are usually the best option for replacing missing teeth, as they look and feel like your natural teeth. Plus, they help keep your jawbone from deteriorating and creating a deformity. Implants usually involve surgery and sometimes bone grafting.


A bridge works well if you have teeth on either side of the missing tooth gap, but it requires those teeth to be cut down or permanently modified. This may mean weakening two otherwise perfectly healthy teeth.

Broken, Deformed, or Chipped Teeth

You can use three main ways to fix up teeth that have minor breaks, deformities, or chips.


Veneers involve gluing a custom-made piece of porcelain over the problem tooth or teeth. They look and feel natural, are easy to care for, and can last for decades with proper care. Veneers also stand up to stain-causing foods, like coffee or wine, but not well to grinding or nail biting.


Bonding involves covering the teeth with durable material and reshaping it to make it look natural. The material is strong enough to stand up to normal use and wear for several years, but it is very porous and certain foods can cause stains. Also, if you grind your teeth or bite your nails, then it may not last very long.


Crowns are usually reserved for teeth with severe breaks, decay, or damage. They also work in covering up and containing a large filling that could discolor the tooth. Porcelain crowns will last decades as long as you don't do anything to knock them out or cause a crack.

Discolored Teeth

If the discoloration is minor, then you may do well with a professional whitening procedure. While you can do this at home, you should opt to have a professional do it in the dentist office. Your dentist can customize the whitening to your particular teeth and their issues. If the the discoloration is severe, then you may have to opt for veneers, bonding, or even a crown.

Crooked Teeth

For minor crooked teeth problems, bonding or veneers can help make the teeth appear straight and fill in gaps. Your dentist can use enamel shaping to remake your teeth so that they look normal and natural. However, if your teeth are severely crooked, or you're having bite issues, then the main treatment is either braces or a clear aligner to physically reshape all the teeth in the mouth.

Fixing or improving the appearance of your front teeth can help you feel confidence in your smile again. Most of these procedures can be done quickly and some can last almost a lifetime. If you feel like your front teeth don't look the way you like, or you have other dental issues, contact Gregg Dentistry for a consultation.